Guilt-free snacking on dehydrated fruits

Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives & 100% Natural

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Why Dehydrated Fruit Snacks?

Dehydrated fruit snacks are guilt-free:
Most snacks are unhealthy. They are overloaded with artificial flavours and added sugar. Those kinds of snacks fill us with post-snack guilt because we know they are not good for us. Gahawa Snacks are made from 100% dried fruits and natural spices, and they do not contain added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavours. You can enjoy our snacks without feeling post-snack guilt.

Dehydrated fruit snacks help to reduce food waste:
Dehydrating fruits while they are still fresh adds 6 to 12 months to their shelf life. Instead of throwing fruits away within several days or weeks, drying them prolongs their life. This reduces food waste and the carbon footprint of fruit production activities.


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• Our snacks are healthy and delicious
• Made from 100% natural fruits and spices
• No sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavoring
• Vegan and gluten-free

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you trying to establish more positive eating habits? Are you looking for healthier snacks for your kids? Gahawa Snacks will help you incorporate more fruit into your diet and stay away from junk food. Our snacks are perfect to pack for school or work, hiking or sporting events, and road trips or camping. 

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